Wat is een junior (ver)taalprofessional waard?

What is a junior translation professional worth?

How well established does a recent translation graduate enter the arena?

What did he/she learn at school and what not?

As a purchaser of translation services, what can you expect from the services of a senior translator but not from a junior?

What role does translation training play in the changing needs of the market and of society? How does translation training respond to significant developments like digital transformation, the increasingly complex linguistic landscape and linguistic superdiversity?

And what does a professional association for translators and interpreters like the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters do with these developments?

This presentation will be in Dutch with simultaneous interpretation into French and English.






ritaroggenRita Roggen is president of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters (BCTI) and teaches translation in the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at the University of Antwerp. She also runs the translation office Allemania (Borsbeek). In other words, she is ideally placed to offer concrete answers to the above questions from various perspectives.

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