You will recognize the doctors by their hospital gowns and their stethoscopes.

Can you explain your function, company or product ? How has your career developed and what do you think of the organization of your team ? These are only some of the many questions that the language trainers from ATOLO will ask you during the Language Market organised by The Value of Language. For the occasion, the ATOLO-trainers will jump into the role of Doctor lang, with a hospital gown, a stethoscope and a prescription pad.

Where does it hurt ? Is it your fluency when speaking the language ? The precision with which you express yourself ? Your pronunciation or your self confidence ? Doctor lang will listen to you attentively, provide a first language diagnosis and write out a personal prescription.

You will bump into the Doctors during the market, or you can visit them at the ATOLO market booth, the Brussels-based language training company, being one of the exhibitors at the Language Market. Coming from the Latin verb atollere which means to bring to another level, ATOLO develops trainings in which the trainees receive a push in a professional context. In order to be able to offer a unique tailor-made design, ATOLO first maps out the current language knowledge in relation to the professional profile of the trainees. Doctor Lang is a fun teaser of the language assessment used by ATOLO to complete the online language test.

You are most welcome to visit the French, English or Dutch doctors !