In her practical and interactive presentation, Leonor Agüera Jaquemet will explain the importance and benefits for businesses and lawyers of working with linguist-lawyers in order to build a lasting and successful business in a more and more international market.

She will cover the role of linguist-lawyers in legal translation, contracts and international trade as well as the added value of their services.

She will also present an overview of challenges and difficulties inherent to legal translation and how linguist-lawyers can minimise risks and costs.

She will also explain how a linguist-lawyer can make the work of professionals easier when they need to communicate outside their native language in a business or legal context as well as to win business overseas.

She will also cover how a linguist-lawyer can cast a native lawyer’s eye over legal documents, bringing a unique understanding of the nuances of each source and target language and guaranteeing a much higher confidentiality and quality.

Her presentation will empower participants to understand the complexity and challenges of legal translation as well as the value of working with linguist-lawyers.


(Picture: Peter Skadberg)