A stand for every budget.
At The Value of Language, we leave the choice to you.
A classic stand (table, running metres, banners etc.), a luxury stand with the hallmark of a professional stand-builder, or an ultra-light stand for those who prefer to sweep in from the side with a creative solution for the passing market browser.

  1. The Bar Stool – €40
    Ideal for demonstrating with a tablet where visitors can sit.
  2. The Outdoor Café Table – €70
    Ideal for displaying publications, brochures, gadgets, pens and sweets while receiving visitors from all sides.
  3. The Aperitif Table – 100 €
    Ideal for demonstrating with a laptop and for longer talks with visitors.

Seize your chance to be part of the Language Market at The Value of Language – the only language services market you need in the beating heart of multi-lingual Europe.


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