The future of the translation industry

Is machine translation the Uber of the translation industry? Could you, as a buyer, feel comfortable teaming up with a partner who uses machine translation? In any case, machine translation is a (very) foul word for many translators and clients. Adopt machine translation in your agency and you’re bound to lose customers.

That’s not to say though, that machine translation won’t be sticking around. Show me someone who has never used Google Translate? So the question is then: what should professional translation agencies do about machine translation?

In his presentation ‘The future of the translation industry’ Koen De Smet, CEO of translation agency Oneliner Translations (Sint-Niklaas, BE), gives an insight into the pragmatic choices made by himself and his company.

He reveals how a translation agency with ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certification prepares itself for a future in which a whole range of translation technologies can be deployed, to give you a better, faster and cheaper service.

How disruptive is machine translation for the translation industry? Should we really expect a time when translations made by a machine are quicker, better and cheaper than those from their human counterpart? And if so, how should a translation agency prepare itself?

In this presentation, buyers will be given a realistic look at recent developments in technology and an insight into the choices made by a translation agency with quality certification.

This presentation will be in French.


(Picture: Mauro Alejandro Strione)


Koen Dkoendesmete Smet has a Master in Romance Languages and Literature (KUL 1983) and a sworn translator and interpreter.

He is the founder (2000) and CEO of Oneliner Translations.

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