Online language testing: quickly assessing the level of a large number of employees in companies

In her presentation, Kathleen Heireman of BLCC (Business Language & Communication Centre) shows the online language tests the Centre has developed in-house and she will share with you the different experiences they have had with them so far. She will relate to you an honest story of opportunities and of shortcomings. The experience of BLCC shows that online tests offer many advantages but that they also involve a number of disadvantages. Kathleen Heireman will tell you what to expect from it and what not.

Because you haven’t come to the Value of Language for a sales pitch, you will benefit from the experiences not only of BLCC but also and more particularly of two customers for whom BLCC developed a tailor-made online language test.

This presentation with two fascinating customer cases from the telecom and aviation sectors (Snecma, for instance, specialised in aircraft engine maintenance) is aimed at anyone who wants to know how to analyse quickly the language levels and needs of a large number of employees in a large organisation.

Kathleen Heireman is managing director at BLCC, a KU Leuven and Voka spin-off with offices in Brussels, Leuven and Kortrijk.

This presentation will be in Dutch with simultaneous interpretation into French and English.


(Picture: Svilen Milev)

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