Masterclass: Digital transformation and the strategic importance of language technologies for my business

The Value of Language hosts a masterclass on how language technologies connect people through live and virtual solutions.

During the masterclass, participants will learn about the digital voice and translation technologies that The Presence Group (Doncols, LU) offers to customers for them to get the highest possible return out of their multilingual meetings.

Participants will explore the strategic importance of language technologies for their companies, and will learn how these technologies contribute to companies’ strategies and marketing.

Finally, they will examine how to best combine machines and technology with human creativity in a wide array of events, be they virtual, live or hybrid, in order to achieve the highest possible event ROI.

The masterclass will be delivered by Peter Van Den Steene, President of the Board and Innovation and Business Development CEO of The Presence Group.

The masterclass will be in English, with simultaneous interpreting into French and Dutch.

Peter Van Den Steene is a language strategist and communications expert. His passion is to inspire people and brands to bring out the very best in themselves. In order to make this happen, the first thing that is needed is a language strategy, only then can tools and technologies be linked MEANINGFULLY enabling communications across language barriers and cultures. This is even more important in the digiconomy.

Peter Van Den Steene is a gifted speaker who loves to enthrall audiences and engage with new ideas coming from multicultural crowds during his presentations.He speaks in English, French and Dutch.

This presentation will be in English with simultaneous interpretation into French and Dutch.

For a foretaste of his masterclass at The Value of Language, read this interview with Peter Van Den Steene:


(Picture: Kroma Kromalski)

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