Come to the Language Market with any stand, big or small
Get your own stand at the market. You need to experience it to understand what it is, how it works and how you can make the most of it. Can’t see how a language professional could use a market stall? Then you’ve never been to The Value of Language.


Many trade shows and market exhibitions drag on for too long.
The Language Market at The Value of Language does not open until 12:30pm. An intensive half-day instead of a tedious full day. It’s the ‘light’ approach.

Food and drink

Many conferences break for lunch in a separate room.
But not at The Value of Language. Food and drink will be served at the Language Market. This keeps things lively at every stall, including yours.

A stand for every budget

Many trade shows charge a pretty penny for their stands.
At The Value of Language, we leave the choice to you. A classic stand (table, running metres, banners etc.), a luxury stand with the hallmark of a professional stand-builder, or an ultra-light stand for those who prefer to sweep in from the side with a creative solution for the passing market browser.

  1. The Bar Stool – €40
    Ideal for demonstrating with a tablet where visitors can sit.
  2. The Outdoor Café Table – €70
    Ideal for displaying publications, brochures, gadgets, pens and sweets while receiving visitors from all sides.
  3. The Aperitif Table – 100 €
    Ideal for demonstrating with a laptop and for longer talks with visitors.

You can combine each of these ultra-light stands with a banner, poster, sandwich board etc. Get in touch with Kervyn Jamaigne. The price is €100 per banner, poster or board.

The Classic Stand – 400 €
Ideal for showing a range of products where display length is key. Banners, posters, boards … all included. Just let us know the table metre length you require.

The Luxury Stand
You can also bring your own stand. We will be happy to consult with you and/or your stand builder to find the location and visibility that match your requirements.


Seize your chance to be part of the Language Market at The Value of Language – the only language services market you need in the beating heart of multi-lingual Europe.


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