How do I limit the risks when purchasing translations?

How tough can you be when negotiating price with a translator for a quality translation … without entering the danger zone yourself? In other words, how much can you, as purchaser, cut on cost without risking loss of quality?

In her presentation, Agnès Feltkamp provides you, the purchaser, with an understanding of the costs and investments required to establish a sustainable translation practice. You will be given exclusive insight into the wallet of the translator who wants to enter into a long-term partnership with you. Of course, translators look at the market and market rates to determine their own rates, but everything begins with an exhaustive calculation of cost. That is the foundation.

During her presentation, Agnès Feltkamp will give you a mini masterclass in cost calculation. Afterwards, you will know exactly what costs and investments are involved in quality translation work. You will also learn about the cut-off point for translation rates beyond which you will find yourself in the danger zone where a long-term relationship with your translation partner is no longer viable.

You will be told how to save on costs by helping the translator and how this can guarantee you better quality. Beyond that, you will learn what else a translator has to offer beyond just “another translation”.

Agnès interlaces her presentation with testimonials and anecdotes about customers who strayed deep into the danger zone and about the disappointment and even damages that resulted. Be assured of a captivating presentation.

This presentation will be in Dutch with simultaneous interpretation into French and English.


(Picture: Justin Hall)



agnesfeltkampAfter a comprehensive multilingual education, a study in biological sciences, a brief stint as a science and French teacher in the International schools in Jakarta,  Agnès Feltkamp settled in her country of birth to start a career she had always envisioned for herself. It has now been twenty years since she established herself here in Belgium as an independent translator of scientific and medical texts. In 1997, she became a member of the Belgian Chamber for Translators and Interpreters, a choice that gave a boost to her activities as an independent translator. From 2005 to 2012, she was the president of this organisation. She has contributed to conferences and journals on topics ranging from rate calculation, medical translation, collegial competition and professional ethics. In doing so, she is particularly committed to creating working conditions that allow and motivate translators to flourish in their intellectual profession and to continue striving for top-level performance. Good is not good enough if better is an option.

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