How can you confidently purchase translations in language combinations of which you do not speak the source language and/or target language?

For five years Gert Van Assche (Datamundi, BE) purchased translations for a total amount of one million dollars. In fifty different languages. How did he make sure he got his money worth with all these languages he doesn’t speak a word of?

In this presentation you will receive plenty of tips, techniques and methods to ensure economical and high-quality translations, even if you don’t speak the language yourself.

You will return home with practical advice on how to conduct experiments in a production environment on real production jobs with real translators, how to ensure that you pay your translators the right amount – so you don’t overpay, but also don’t underpay them – and how you can utilise your freelance translators to steer your own purchasing strategy.

Finally, during this workshop you will also learn how besides outsourcing translations, you can also outsource the quality control (QC) and how you can set up a good QC team in a language pair you do not master. “It’s hard work, but if you have a lot to outsource, it is worth it.”

The tips shared by Gert are practical and are to be considered by anyone with some insight into the translation sector and a little technical knowledge.

This presentation will be in English.


(Picture: Zsuzsa N.K.)



NaamloosGert Van Assche is the founder and manager of Datamundi (Neerlinter, BE), a supplier of technical services to the translation sector. Together with Daniel Marcu, he recently launched an automated service helping freelance translators with calculating and quoting a fair price: Fair Trade Translation.


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