In her presentation, Dr. Katalin Hajós explains the importance of three points that transform a simple partnership into a fruitful collaboration:

  • Establish a reliable relationship with the selected professional.
  • Invest time and efforts to provide information essential for the successful completion of the requested work.
  • Hear and pay attention to the professional and – on the long term – exploit the opportunities nesting in the technical tools.

Dr. Katalin Hajós unfolds each of these issues and gives practical examples in which this policy has been followed.

Then she explains the mutual advantages that each party can gain from such a relationship, the main objective being that the professional can give the best of him- or herself and meet the expectations of his/her client in exchange for the investment and trust credited by the latter.

The presentation will be introduced by Dr. Katalin Hajós, managing director of A Lex Expert Ltd.


(Picture: Achim Sondermann)